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Okunev, O.; Chulkova, G.; Milostnaya, I.; Antipov, A.; Smirnov, K.; Morozov, D.; Korneev, A.; Voronov, B.; Gol’tsman, G.; Slysz, W.; Wegrzecki, M.; Bar, J.; Grabiec, P.; Górska, M.; Pearlman, A.; Cross, A.; Kitaygorsky, J.; Sobolewski, R. Registration of infrared single photons by a two-channel receiver based on fiber-coupled superconducting single-photon detectors 2008 Proc. SPIE 7009 70090V (1 to 8)
Jukna, A.; Kitaygorsky, J.; Pan, D.; Cross, A.; Perlman, A.; Komissarov, I.; Sobolewski, R.; Okunev, O.; Smirnov, K.; Korneev, A.; Chulkova, G.; Milostnaya, I.; Voronov, B.; Gol'tsman, G. Dynamics of hotspot formation in nanostructured superconducting stripes excited with single photons 2008 Acta Physica Polonica A 113 955-958
Goltsman, G.; Korneev, A.; Divochiy, A.; Minaeva, O.; Tarkhov, M.; Kaurova, N.; Seleznev, V.; Voronov, B.; Okunev, O.; Antipov, A.; Smirnov, K.; Vachtomin, Yu.; Milostnaya, I.; Chulkova, G. Ultrafast superconducting single-photon detector 2009 J. Modern Opt. 56 1670-1680
Goltsman, G. N.; Korneev, A. A.; Finkel, M. I.; Divochiy, A. V.; Florya, I. N.; Korneeva, Y. P.; Tarkhov, M. A.; Ryabchun, S. A.; Tretyakov, I. V.; Maslennikov, S. N.; Kaurova, N. S.; Chulkova, G. M.; Voronov, B. M. Superconducting hot-electron bolometer as THz mixer, direct detector and IR single-photon counter 2010 35th Int. Conf. Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 1-1
Semenov, A. V.; Devyatov, I. A.; Ryabchun, S. A.; Maslennikov, S. N.; Maslennikova, A. S.; Larionov, P. A.; Voronov, B. M.; Chulkova, G. M. Absorption of terahertz electromagnetic radiation in dirty superconducting film at arbitrary type of the spectral functions 2011 Rus. J. Radio Electron.