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Arutyunov, K. Y.; Ramos-Álvarez, A.; Semenov, A. V.; Korneeva, Y. P.; An, P. P.; Korneev, A. A.; Murphy, A.; Bezryadin, A.; Gol’tsman, G. N. Quasi-1-dimensional superconductivity in highly disordered NbN nanowires 2016 arXiv
Beck, M.; Klammer, M.; Lang, S.; Leiderer, P.; Kabanov, V. V.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Demsar, J. Energy-gap dynamics of superconducting NbN thin films studied by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy 2011 arXiv
Beck, M.; Klammer, M.; Rousseau, I.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Diamant, I.; Dagan, Y.; Demsar, J. Probing superconducting gap dynamics with THz pulses 2015 CLEO SM3H.3 (1 to 2)
Blagosklonskaya, L. E.; Gershenzon, E. M.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Elant’ev, A. I. Effect of a strong magnetic field on the spectrum of donors in InSb 1978 Sov. Phys. Semicond. 11 1395-1397
Blundell, R.; Kawamura, J. H.; Tong, C. E.; Papa, D. C.; Hunter, T. R.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Cherednichenko, S. I.; Voronov, B. M.; Gershenzon, E. M. A hot-electron bolometer mixer receiver for the 680-830 GHz frequency range 1998 Proc. 6-th Int. Conf. Terahertz Electron. 18-20