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Zolotov, P.; Semenov, A.; Divochiy, A.; Goltsman, G. A comparison of VN and NbN thin films towards optimal SNSPD efficiency 2021 IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 31 1-4
Morozov, D. V.; Smirnov, K. V.; Smirnov, A. V.; Lyakhov, V. A.; Goltsman, G. N. A millimeter-submillimeter phonon-cooled hot-electron bolometer mixer based on two-dimensional electron gas in an AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure 2005 Semicond. 39 1082-1086
Tretyakov, Ivan; Kaurova, N.; Voronov, B. M.; Goltsman, G. N. About effect of the temperature operating conditions on the noise temperature and noise bandwidth of the terahertz range NbN hot-electron bolometers 2018 Proc. 29th Int. Symp. Space Terahertz Technol. 113
Kovalyuk, V.; Hartmann, W.; Kahl, O.; Kaurova, N.; Korneev, A.; Goltsman, G.; Pernice, W. H. P. Absorption engineering of NbN nanowires deposited on silicon nitride nanophotonic circuits 2013 Opt. Express 21 22683-22692
Elezov, M. S.; Scherbatenko, M. L.; Sych, D. V.; Goltsman, G. N. Active and passive phase stabilization for the all-fiber Michelson interferometer 2018 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1124 051014 (1 to 5)