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Il'in, K.; Siegel, M.; Semenov, A.; Engel, A.; Hübers, H.-W.; Hollmann, E.; Gol'tsman, G.; Voronov, B. Thickness dependence of superconducting properties of ultrathin Nb and NbN films 2004 AKF-Frühjahrstagung
Semenov, A. D.; Hübers, H.-W.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Smirnov, K. Superconducting quantum detector for astronomy and X-ray spectroscopy 2002 Proc. Int. Workshop on Supercond. Nano-Electronics Devices 201-210
Hübers, H.-W.; Semenov, A.; Richter, H.; Birk, M.; Krocka, M.; Mair, U.; Smirnov, K.; Gol’tsman, G.; Voronov, B. Terahertz Heterodyn Receiver with a hot-electron bolometer mixer 2002 Far-IR, Sub-mm & MM Detector Technology Workshop 3-24
Semenov, A.; Hübers, H.-W.; Engel, A.; Gol’tsman, G. Superconducting quantum detector for far infrared astronomy 2002 Far-IR, Sub-mm & MM Detector Technology Workshop 3-49
Yagoubov, P.; Hübers, H.-W.; Gol’tsman, G.; Semenov, A.; Gao, J.; Hoogeveen, R.; de Graauw, T.; Birk, M.; Selig, A.; de Korte, P. Hot-electron bolometer mixers – technology for far-infrared heterodyne instruments in future atmospheric chemistry missions 2001 Proc. 3rd Int. Symp. Submillimeter Wave Earth Observation From Space 57-69