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Moshkova, M. A.; Divochiy, A. V.; Morozov, P. V.; Antipov, A. V.; Vakhtomin, Yu. B.; Smirnov, K. V. Characterization of topologies of superconducting photon number resolving detectors 2019 Proc. 8th Int. Conf. Photonics and Information Optics 465-466
Zolotov, P.; Divochiy, A.; Vakhtomin, Y.; Moshkova, M.; Morozov, P.; Seleznev, V.; Smirnov, K. Photon-number-resolving SSPDs with system detection efficiency over 50% at telecom range 2018 Proc. AIP Conf. 1936 020019
Moshkova, M. A.; Morozov, P. V.; Antipov, A. V.; Vakhtomin, Y. B.; Smirnov, K. V. High-efficiency multi-element superconducting single-photon detector 2021 Proc. SPIE 11771 2-8