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Hübers, H. W.; Pavlov, S. G.; Semenov, A. D.; Tredicucci, A.; Köhler, R.; Mahler, L.; Beere, H. E.; Linfield, E. H.; Ritchie, D. A. Investigation of a 2.5 THz quantum cascade laser as local oscillator 2005 Proc. 16th Int. Symp. Space Terahertz Technol. 18
Huebers, Heinz-Wilhelm; Pavlov, S.; Semenov, A.; Köhler, R.; Mahler, L.; Tredicucci, A.; Beere, H.; Ritchie, D.; Linfield, E. Terahertz quantum cascade laser as local oscillator in a heterodyne receiver 2005 Optics Express 13 5890-5896
Semenov, A. D.; Il'in, K.; Siegel, M.; Smirnov, A.; Pavlov, S.; Richter, H.; Hübers, H.-W. Evidence of non-bolometric mixing in the bandwidth of a hot-electron bolometer 2006 Superconductor Science and Technology 19 1051-1056
Smirnov, A. V.; Karmantsov, M. S.; Smirnov, K. V.; Vakhtomin, Y. B.; Masterov, D. V.; Tarkhov, M. A.; Pavlov, S. A.; Parafin, A. E. Terahertz response of thin-film YBCO bolometers 2012 Tech. Phys. 57 1716-1719