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Anfertev, V.; Vaks, V.; Revin, L.; Pentin, I.; Tretyakov, I.; Goltsman, G.; Vinogradov, E. A.; Naumov, A. V.; Gladush, M. G.; Karimullin, K. R. High resolution THz gas spectrometer based on semiconductor and superconductor devices 2017 EPJ Web Conf. 132 02001 (1 to 2)
Seliverstov, S. V.; Anfertyev, V. A.; Tretyakov, I. V.; Ozheredov, I. A.; Solyankin, P. M.; Revin, L. S.; Vaks, V. L.; Rusova, A. A.; Goltsman, G. N.; Shkurinov, A. P. Terahertz heterodyne receiver with an electron-heating mixer and a heterodyne based on the quantum-cascade laser 2017 Radiophys. Quant. Electron. 60 518-524
Tret'yakov, I. V.; Kaurova, N. S.; Voronov, B. M.; Anfert'ev, V. A.; Revin, L. S.; Vaks, V. L.; Gol'tsman, G. N. The influence of the diffusion cooling on the noise band of the superconductor NbN hot-electron bolometer operating in the terahertz range 2016 Tech. Phys. Lett. 42 563-566
Tretyakov, I. V.; Anfertyev, V. A.; Revin, L. S.; Kaurova, N. S.; Voronov, B. M.; Vaks, V. L.; Goltsman, G. N. Sensitivity and resolution of a heterodyne receiver based on the NbN HEB mixer with a quantum-cascade laser as a local oscillator 2018 Radiophys. Quant. Electron. 60 988-992