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Gol'tsman, G.; Korneev, A.; Minaeva, O.; Rubtsova, I.; Milostnaya, I.; Chulkova, G.; Voronov, B.; Smirnov, K.; Seleznev, V.; Słysz, W.; Kitaygorsky, J.; Cross, A.; Pearlman, A.; Sobolewski, Roman Superconducting nanostructured detectors capable of single-photon counting in the THz range 2005 Proc. 16th Int. Symp. Space Terahertz Technol. 555-557
Gol'tsman, G.; Minaeva, O.; Korneev, A.; Tarkhov, M.; Rubtsova, I.; Divochiy, A.; Milostnaya, I.; Chulkova, G.; Kaurova, N.; Voronov, B.; Pan, D.; Kitaygorsky, J.; Cross, A.; Pearlman, A.; Komissarov, I.; Slysz, W.; Wegrzecki, M.; Grabiec, P.; Sobolewski, R. Middle-infrared to visible-light ultrafast superconducting single-photon detectors 2007 IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 17 246-251
Gol'tsman, G. N.; Korneev, A.; Rubtsova, I.; Milostnaya, I.; Chulkova, G.; Minaeva, O.; Smirnov, K.; Voronov, B.; Słysz, W.; Pearlman, A.; Verevkin, A.; Sobolewski, R. Ultrafast superconducting single-photon detectors for near-infrared-wavelength quantum communications 2005 Phys. Stat. Sol. (C) 2 1480-1488
Goltsman, G. Superconducting NbN hot-electron bolometer mixer, direct detector and single-photon counter: from devices to systems 2009 2-nd Int. Conf. EUROFLUX
Goltsman, G. Superconducting thin film as infrared heterodyne and direct detectors 2017 16th ISEC 1-3