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Arcizet, O.; Jacques, V.; Siria, A.; Poncharal, P.; Vincent, P.; Seidelin, S. A single nitrogen-vacancy defect coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator 2011 Nature Physics 7 879-883
Barreiro, Julio T. Quantum physics: Environmental effects controlled 2011 Nature Physics 7 927–928
Bason, Mark G.; Viteau, Matthieu; Malossi, Nicola; Huillery, Paul; Arimondo, Ennio; Ciampini, Donatella; Fazio, Rosario; Giovannetti, Vittorio; Mannella, Riccardo; Morsch, Oliver High-fidelity quantum driving 2012 Nature Physics 8 147-152
Baumert, Thomas Quantum technology: Wave packets get a kick 2011 Nature Physics 7 373-374
Bialczak, R. C.; Ansmann, M.; Hofheinz, M.; Lucero, E.; Neeley, M.; O'Connell, A. D.; Sank, D.; Wang, H.; Wenner, J.; Steffen, M.; Cleland, A. N.; Martinis, J. M. Quantum process tomography of a universal entangling gate implemented with Josephson phase qubits 2010 Nature Physics 6 409-413