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Kostiuk, T.; Spears, D. 30 μm heterodyne receiver 1987 Int. J. Infrared and Millimeter Waves 8 1269-1279
Gershenzon, Ye. M.; Goltsman, G. N.; Yelantyev, A. I.; Petrova, Ye. B.; Ptitsina, N. G.; Filatov, V. S. Lecture demonstrations of properties of superconductors and liquid helium 1987 USSR Rept Phys. Math. JPRS UPM 24 51
Gershenzon, E. M.; Gershenzon, M. E.; Gol'tsman, G. N.; Karasik, B. S.; Semenov, A. D.; Sergeev, A. V. Light-induced heating of electrons and the time of the inelastic electron-phonon scattering in the YBaCuO compound 1987 JETP Lett. 46 285-287
Santhanam, P.; Wind, S.; Prober, D. E. Localization, superconducting fluctuations, and superconductivity in thin films and narrow wires of aluminum 1987 Phys. Rev. B 35 3188-3206
Gershenzon, E. M.; Gol'tsman, G. N.; Karasik, B. S.; Semenov, A. D. Measurement of the energy gap in the compound YBaCu3O9-δ on the basis of the IR absorption spectrum 1987 JETP Lett. 46 237-238