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Verevkin, A. A.; Ptitsina, N. G.; Smirnov, K. V.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Gershenzon, E. M.; Ingvesson, K. S. Direct measurements of energy relaxation times on an AlGaAs/GaAs heterointerface in the range 4.2–50 K 1996 JETP Lett. 64 404-409
Tinkham, Mikhael Introduction to superconductivity 1996 McGraw-Hill
Verevkin, A. A.; Ptitsina, N. G.; Chulcova, G. M.; Gol'Tsman, G. N.; Gershenzon, E. M.; Yngvesson, K. S. Determination of the limiting mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas in AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs heterostructures and direct measurement of the energy relaxation time 1996 Phys. Rev. B Condens. Matter. 53 R7592-R7595