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Pothier, H.; Guéron, S.; Birge, Norman O.; Esteve, D.; Devoret, M. H. Energy distribution function of quasiparticles in mesoscopic wires 1997 Phys. Rev. Lett. 79 3490-3493
Ptitsina N. G.; Chulkova G. M.; Il'in K. S.; Sergeev A. V.; Pochinkov F. S.; Gershenzon E. M. Superconductivity has been found in a number of new compounds between the non-superconducting transition elements and nonmetals such as Si, Ge, and Te. These findings have suggested possible criteria for superconductivity in both elements and compounds. 1997 Phys. Rev. B 56
Ptitsina, N. G.; Chulkova, G. M.; Il’in, K. S.; Sergeev, A. V.; Pochinkov, F. S.; Gershenzon, E. M.; Gershenson, M. E. Electron-phonon interaction in disordered metal films: The resistivity and electron dephasing rate 1997 Phys. Rev. B 56 10089-10096
Semenov, A. D.; Gousev, Y. P.; Renk, K. F.; Voronov, B. M.; Gol'tsman, G. N.; Gershenzon, E. M.; Schwaab, G.W.; Feinaugle, R. Noise characteristics of a NbN hot-electron mixer at 2.5 THz 1997 IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 7 3572-3575
Semenov, A. D.; Heusinger, M. A.; Renk, K. F.; Menschikov, E.; Sergeev, A. V.; Elant'ev, A. I.; Goghidze, I. G.; Gol'tsman, G. N. Influence of phonon trapping on the performance of NbN kinetic inductance detectors 1997 IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 7 3083-3086