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ГОСТ 3.1102-2011. ЕСТД. Стадии разработки и виды документов. Общие положения 2011
Antipov, Andrei; Bell, Matt; Yasar, Mesut; Mitin, Vladimir; Scharmach, William; Swihart, Mark; Verevkin, Aleksandr; Sergeev, Andrei Luminescence of colloidal CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles: high sensitivity to solvent phase transitions 2011 Nanoscale Research Letters 6 7
Arcizet, O.; Jacques, V.; Siria, A.; Poncharal, P.; Vincent, P.; Seidelin, S. A single nitrogen-vacancy defect coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator 2011 Nature Physics 7 879-883
Baek, Burm; Lita, Adriana E.; Verma, Varun; Nam, Sae Woo Superconducting a-WxSi1–x nanowire single-photon detector with saturated internal quantum efficiency from visible to 1850 nm 2011 Applied Physics Letters 98 3
Barreiro, Julio T. Quantum physics: Environmental effects controlled 2011 Nature Physics 7 927–928