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Akhmadishina, K. F.; Bobrinetskiy, I. I.; Komarov, I. A.; Malovichko, A. M.; Nevolin, V. K.; Fedorov, G. E.; Golovin, A. V.; Zalevskiy, A. O.; Aidarkhanov, R. D. Fast-response biological sensors based on single-layer carbon nanotubes modified with specific aptamers 2015 Semicond. 49 1749-1753
Amundsen, Morten; Linder, Jacob General solution of 2D and 3D superconducting quasiclassical systems: coalescing vortices and nanodisk geometries 2015 arXiv:1512.00030 [cond-mat.supr-con]
Anosov, A. A.; Nemchenko, O. Yu.; Less, Yu. A.; Kazanskii, A. S.; Mansfel'd, A. D. Possibilities of acoustic thermometry for controlling targeted drug delivery 2015 Acoust. Phys. 61 488-493
Beck, M.; Klammer, M.; Rousseau, I.; Gol’tsman, G. N.; Diamant, I.; Dagan, Y.; Demsar, J. Probing superconducting gap dynamics with THz pulses 2015 CLEO SM3H.3 (1 to 2)
Dube, I.; Jiménez, D.; Fedorov, G.; Boyd, A.; Gayduchenko, I.; Paranjape, M.; Barbara, P. Understanding the electrical response and sensing mechanism of carbon-nanotube-based gas sensors 2015 Carbon 87 330-337